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Last year, with community support, MAP was blessed to support 168 children, grades K-12, with, for many, their first pair of brand-new shoes! The significance of this gift is that many of these kids had been wearing shoes that did not fit. Children were wearing up to two sizes too small shoes since many shoes worn were hand-me-downs. If you are a family needing back-to-school shoes for your kiddos, please call to register today (spaces are limited): 231-733-9672. If you would like to support this cause, please mail a check noted for Happy Feet to Mission for Area People: 2500 Jefferson St., Muskegon Heights, MI 49444, scan the QR code on the donate flyer below, or click here:! Let's ensure our kids run, play, and walk through school this coming school year with Happy Feet!

Volunteers are Needed!

Map is looking for Volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering in our Food Pantry, Clothing Pantry or one of our Special Events please contact Mission for Area People at (231) 733-9672 for more information.


Muskegon Seniors Need Your Immediate Help!

Mission for Area People is committed to helping neighbors in need. Right now, up to 50 seniors are affected by flooding at Nelson Place and face permanent or temporary rehousing issues. Many of these seniors are on oxygen and/or wheelchair-bound and need funds for temporary housing and other basic needs.


We are currently partnering with area agencies, but with a lack of housing dollars in Muskegon County at this time, monetary donations are greatly needed to help our seniors.

The emergency funding will be utilized through July 2024 for moving expenses and other support needed. Please consider donating if you can!

Thank you for your community support!

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