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It feels so good to see our volunteers again at MAP. Spring is here and we are blessed!


We have a happy neighbor today at MAP's Healthy Food Pantry. Max has been coming to us for a few months to pick up Ensure nutritional shakes to supplement his diet. Last year, he suddenly lost 60 pounds within one month and didn't know why. His doctor believes that his MS might be responsible and prescribed Max to drink the shakes that are full of protein and essential vitamins. They come in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan and chocolate.
Since drinking Ensure, Max has gained 12 pounds! It's a reason to celebrate and we love hearing stories of how our pantry makes a difference in the quality of our neighbors' lives.


Jennifer Juhasz from Fresh Coast Alliance came to MAP to pick up a new pair of shoes, clothing, and personal care for someone that is being released from prison after 50 years. He was confined for 50 years for a crime he committed as a juvenile. He needs everything including our compassion.

Jennifer said "MAP is blessing him more than you can ever imagine. Being given a new pair shoes is like winning the lotto."


A neighbor came to our door Friday morning. She had walked to the church in (dirty) slippers. She asked if she could have a pair of black pants, some socks and shoes. She said she was going to start work at Taco Bell. We explained that our clothing pantry would be open at 1 pm. She looked down and said that would be too late. So, we let her in to shop. She found a pair of pants to wear, but wasn't seeing any shoes that fit. She needed a size 10 shoe. About five minutes earlier, MAP received some donated clothing items from a gal whose mother-in-law had passed away. Inside the very first bag we opened was a pair of almost brand new tennis shoes size 10 and white socks to go with it. God really does work all things together for the good.


Thanks to our ALICE funding from United Way of the Lakeshore, working people in Muskegon County have resources like gas cards, car insurance, and car repairs. Christine is a single mom that needed a new fuel pump on her Chevy. She sent us this picture of her and Kimi standing in front of Downtown Tire after her car was repaired. She said she appreciates all the time and effort and wanted to say thank you. "This assistance will go along way in helping my son and I in more ways than just financially. "

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