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Fall 2022 Newsletter

A Note from the Director...

by: Diana Wright Stubbs

Kathleen, her husband and two children seemed to be living a somewhat normal life. Both had been working until December of 2021, when COVID almost took both Kathleen and her husband’s lives. Both were hospitalized on ventilators and near death. Kathleen had a slow recovery and her husband was put into an assisted living home. Rent and utilities were behind. Kathleen couldn’t work; she and her husband had to apply for SSI, which wasn’t enough to cover the bills since her husband’s SSI went for his assisted living expenses.

The funding MAP received through various community grants had been exhausted and the amount Kathleen needed was $3,615. This amount of money is not easy to ask for, but knowing a special person, (who wishes to remain anonymous) gave $3,615 to keep Kathleen and her children from losing their home. Kathleen has slowly regained some of her strength, at least enough to go back to work part-time. Every time I write a story of someone in our community facing a life changing challenge, I put myself in their shoes, and take a short walk in them, I remember how blessed I am.

I hope you will take that walk with me and support Mission for Area People as we work together to lift up our residents in need.

Read the full Fall 2022 Newsletter for more news and updates…..

Fall 2022 Newsletter
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