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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Every Kindness Has a Part in Bringing Joy to Someone’s Heart

by: Diana Wright Stubbs

These beautiful words were on a thank you card MAP received from Debbie, a very grateful recipient of MAP services.

About 2 years ago, Debbie learned of MAP’S services through her Community Health worker, Kristen Turgeon. (Now a MAP employee.) Debbie was overweight, had diabetes, was laid off from work, and living on a limited income.

Kristen, a Community Health worker for Debbie, suggested to take the Nutrition Class MAP was offering at the time. The class proved to be a gift for Debbie—she lost 80 lbs., made new friends, and was so grateful!

This past year, Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. She had a double mastectomy, under went months of chemotherapy, lost her hair, but never lost her faith or sense of humor. (Debbie also lost her dad this year from COVID 19.)

Mission for Area People provided financial assistance to help ease the burden of medical transportation, healthy food, rent and utility payments. Debbie has returned for the nutrition classes at MAP with a smile on her face and an “I love you” when she leaves. Doctors have told her that the cancer has spread and a more intense chemo will be needed. Debbie has decided she is not doing a more intense treatment. “I’ve had a good life, I’m ok, it’s in God’s hands.”

Mission for Area People provides a wide variety of services for our Muskegon County neighbors. I hope you will consider the amount of services MAP provides to our neighbors and know your support makes a difference!

Every kindness has a part in bringing joy to someone’s heart.

Read the full newsletter in the attached pdf below.
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