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Winter 2022 Newsletter

THE GIFT of Life

by: Diana Wright Stubbs

The beginning of December, MAP received a call from a deacon at First Baptist Church,

there was a man, Bobby, in the church with serious health issues and didn’t know where to turn. He was referred to Mission for Area People to inquire about assistance through our Medical Support Fund.

Bobby was a dialysis patient, he’d been on the waiting list for 2 years for a new kidney. Bobby had to turn down 4 kidneys this past year because he didn’t have the money for the 2 month post-op after care he needed and motel stay. The cost would be over $2,000 that MAP would be covering. The Medical Support Fund is created to help people not only with medicine, and durable medical equipment, but also lodging for patients who need out-of-town treatment. After speaking with the motel in Ohio, a plan was put in place so when Bobby got that important call he didn’t need to worry about this financial burden. Bobby got the call over the holidays, there was a kidney for him and on Christmas, Bobby had his new kidney. “Words cannot express how happy I am that everything went well. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to the donor family for giving me the gift of life.”

”A special thanks to Mission for Area People. Your generous donation made it possible for me to stay in Toledo where I can have access to the medical doctors and hospital. I will always be eternally grateful. This is not the end of my journey. This is the beginning of a new path filled with hope and adventure.”

Read the full Winter 2022 Newsletter for another Christmas Blessing…..
Winter 2022 Newsletter
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