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Circle of Love

A client came into MAP a few weeks ago requesting to speak with a pastor regarding his just receiving custody of his 3 children and had fallen short on his rental payment; the father was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry.

The father wasn’t asking for money, he wanted the church pastor to pray with him. Fortunately, MAP had a new church volunteering that day, The Lakes Church. As they circled around the young father, another man came into MAP upset because he had spent the night at a local shelter and while he was asleep someone had stolen his shoes off of his feet.

The man walked to MAP in his stocking feet hoping we had a pair of shoes in his size. Unfortunately, we did not. The father of three turned around and faced the shoeless man and said, “I have a pair of shoes your size you can have at home. Come with me and I will give them to you.”

With tears in their eyes, the church formed a circle of love and prayed with both men at which point the staff began to cry. Both men left feeling uplifted by the prayers they received from the volunteers at Mission for Area People.

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