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Life Support

Mission for Area People is a “Life Support” for many people in our community, whether it be for healthy food, medical assistance, clothing, socks & underwear, car repair, rent, utility assistance, or Christmas gifts.

There are many stories of how MAP has helped make a difference in someone’s life. Without the support of the donors and volunteers, MAP is not able to continue to provide the much needed services in our community. The small staff at MAP is to facilitate the everyday operations. We, like any other agency, have bills to pay.

I can honestly tell you, in the fifteen years I have been at Mission for Area People, I have never seen our operation budget in such crisis. I do not say this lightly when I tell you, you are the “Life Support” for Mission for Area People.

Please, if you believe in the work Mission for Area People is doing in our community, may I ask you to make a special donation in whatever amount you can. MAP is the “Life Support” for our community neighbors in need and you are the Life Support” for Mission for Area People during our time of need.

Thank you in advance for your support. Diana

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