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MAP March Update 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Are you in need of assistance? Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Current services available are:

  1. Health Food Pantry and Personal Care - open Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays with curbside pickup available between 10 am and 11 am. Appointments should be scheduled by calling 231-733-9672.

  2. Transportation assistance - ALICE grant funds are available for those that need to get back and forth to work. You must work at least 20 hours a week and show proof of employment, ID, a DHHS denial letter, car registration, and proof of car insurance. Gas cards, payment assistance, and car repairs may be provided to those that qualify.

  3. Rental and lodging assistance are provided when funds are available.

  4. Utility assistance is provided when funds are available.

  5. Medical assistance - co-pays, prescriptions, and medical equipment.

  6. Our Clothing Pantry is open Mondays and Wednesday from 1 pm to 2:30 pm. No appointment is necessary. You must show ID at the door and have a face mask.

  7. We are taking COVID-19 precautions seriously in our facility with disinfectants and staff vaccinations.

We appreciate all our volunteers and donors that help support our operations. We wish everyone a healthy 2021!

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