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No Need to Kneel and Bend Over at our Garden!

The Jefferson Street Garden recently added a 36" inch high bed for one prime reason - to provide potential gardeners, who have challenges, the opportunities to stand at the bed and enjoy tending the plants. Pam Stevens says, "All are welcome. This is your garden, your community!" Volunteer Michael Golliver used his spare time and skills to construct the beds with donated lumber from local businesses. Benefits from our garden include:

  1. Meet new friends and chat with old friends, share your knowledge and ideas!

  2. Enjoy fresh produce and help grow food for the MAP pantry.

  3. New gardeners are welcome, no experience necessary.

We are also seeking donations of seeds from the Seed Saver's Exchange, High Mowing Seeds and Renee's Garden. To learn more on connecting with the garden or donating, call MAP at 231-733-9672.

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