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Tiny Agency Big Impact

The Faith of a Mustard Seed

For a small nonprofit located in Muskegon Heights Michigan, Mission for Area People (MAP) has been able to do big things. Did you know that in 2020, MAP provided almost 4,000 services (3,992) to neighbors in need. Services that fill gaps with food assistance, clothing, personal care items like soaps and detergent, medical copays and prescriptions, utility and rental assistance, and even help with transportation were provided. 

“To anyone in a crisis situation, we are a Godsend,” said Diana Wright-Stubbs, Executive Director of MAP. “We have been able to move mountains with a tiny staff and the faith of a mustard seed.”

Throughout COVID-19's pandemic, MAP kept operations going. Based on a Monday through Friday workweek, the numbers served averaged as many as 30 emergencies a day that we tried to handle with compassion and care.

“We really do care about our community,” said Diana. “Many of our Muskegon County neighbors are like family to us. We want to give a hand up and not a hand out where we can. We want to improve lives for the better.” Together, a tiny mustard seed agency, (MAP) and your continued support, will leave a big Impact for future services, not only during Lenten Season, but all year long for Muskegon County residents.

To see our Annual Report Things You Need To Know 2020 open link here Things to Know 2020 final

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